A to Z garden glossary

Have trouble understanding a gardening term? Check out this glossary

Garden terms A to Z


An herb or vegetable that does not bear fruit and sends up a seed stalk earlier than it should. The bolting process is usually triggered by hot or dry weather conditions

Companion planting

By growing different vegetables or herbs beside one another, you can control pests, avoid disease, or make the most out of the space you have.


The breakdown of raw organic materials produces a healthy fertile soil mix 


It is when a seed begins to grow and sends a sprout above surface soil and roots below

Seed to harvest

From the moment a seed is planted until it reaches maturity and can be harvested. 

Soil temperture

About one inch below the surface of the soil is the soil temperature. Soil temperatures vary depending on the variety of seeds.


A transplant is a young plant or seedling inserted into the ground. You can either grow transplants inside or purchase them from a nursery 


Structures that support vine-growing vegetables