Our Roots

My wife and I don't come from a farming background. We both grew
up in metropolitan areas. Gardening was never
something we were ever even interested in. We've always been big on cooking with fresh ingredients, but it never occurred to us that we could grow our own ingredients.

So how did we get here? A few years ago, a relative bought us a few
pepper and tomato starters as a gift. We had absolutely no idea what we we're doing, but we agreed to give it a shot. A few weeks later, we had some very healthy tomatoes, and some very spicy peppers. We realized the flavor from these was so much better than the vegetables we were used to buying from the store.

We wanted to expand the small garden we now had, but had no idea how to do so, since we lived in the suburbs and didn't have a ton of space. Through our research we found that it was much easier than we thought and that we could ideally grow enough to get us through the winter. After the next frost, we spent the next few months scheduling out our grows and ended up harvesting enough to make it through the year. We vowed to never buy produce that we didn't grow again.

Through the years, we've taught friends and family members how to
recreate the same processes. Our goal from then on has been to reach as many people with this vision as possible.